“Dear Olga.
We conducted an audit of your brokerage company from the consulting company “Legal Protection Group” based on your application No. 156412388.
During the audit, we identified a number of violations on the part of the brokerage company.
We confirm that the company did not fulfill all of its obligations to work with the client and systematically violated the rules established by the regulator. The following violations were identified:

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1. Delayed withdrawal of client funds;
2. Carrying out unauthorized transactions at the expense of the client;
3. Providing false information and intentionally misleading the client;

To begin verification, please send proof of identification (passport, ID or driver’s license) from the email address where you would like to receive future notifications.”

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Ответ: это мошенники, прочтите внимательно статью по ссылке https://telltrue.net/eto-lohotron/legal-protection-group/.